I was quoted 'around £1500' and 2 weeks to repair my 5 Series BMW. Scuffbusters took 2 days and charged me £450. Enough said!

Mr Shefford, Tunbridge Wells (more testimonials)

Scuffbusters work closely with your Insurers

Need to make a claim? - insist on using Scuffbusters

So you've had an 'incident' and need to claim on your insurance for your car body repairs? (check our Keep your No Claims Discount page first!)

There are a whole host of reasons why you should insist on Scuffbusters to carry out your car body repairs:

Our work is fully guaranteed. For as long as you own the car. - To our knowledge nobody else offers that degree of confidence in their work. Check out our Quality Guarantee page for details.

We guarantee your satisfaction - No dodgy repairs or poor quality standards, Scuffbusters aim for 100% satisfaction. Until you're delighted, we're not. Make sure you visit our Quality Guarantee page and learn how other 'Approved Repairers' may not be so fussy..

Our prices can keep your premiums lower - One of the first things an insurer will consider when giving you a premium is your claims history. The number and amount of any claims you make can have a direct influence on the premium they quote. Higher claims levels mean higher risk and higher premiums. Our Lower Rates can help keep all those figures down.

We'll keep you mobile - With our Free Courtesy Cars

So, using Scuffbusters is really what they call a 'no brainer' isn't it?

But what if my insurers insist on using their repairers?

The choice on who repairs your car is yours. By law. but...

Firstly, please see this Know Your Rights leaflet

Secondly, according to The Financial Ombudsman Service, "After Payment Protection Insurance, Motor Insurance is the most complained-about insurance area, with the quality of repairs being the most notable area." See here for more details. When we see some of the work undertaken by others, we're not surprised.

Insurers usually have a vested interest in using their 'Approved Repairers', they have often negotiated very favourable rates that can help them keep their costs down. As Scuffbusters' rates are invariably far lower than other bodyshops however we are usually able to reach agreement with them so we can carry out the repairs to your car.

Insurers can sometimes try to make it difficult not to use their repairers, here are a few of the reasons you may hear;

"We can't provide you with a Courtesy Car" - Well we will. See our Free Courtesy Cars page for details.

"We can't guarantee the work quality" - We will, we think our Quality Guarantee is unbeatable in the business.

"Our Repairer will collect and return your car" - OK, we don't usually do that, but we are open on Saturday mornings for drop-offs and collections if that helps, and can usually accommodate any other needs by arrangement. What you may not realise is that the 'Approved Repairer' may not be local. Or even close to local. We know of one insurer who tries to get everything through their workshop in Yorkshire! How do you suppose that works if you have any issues with the repairs at some later date? Most of our clients are local and we're always here to help.

To get a fixed price quote either drop in or send us some photos using our Get a Quote page.