I was quoted 'around £1500' and 2 weeks to repair my 5 Series BMW. Scuffbusters took 2 days and charged me £450. Enough said!

Mr Shefford, Tunbridge Wells (more testimonials)

Guaranteed Quality & Satisfaction

Lifetime Quality Guarantee - only at Scuffbusters

Lifetime Warranty This is a really simple section. We have two key rules over satisfaction and quality:

1. The best quality repairs - We always aim for, and invariably achieve, perfect repairs. Until you're delighted, we're not. Simple.

2. That will stay that way - Our repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years if you sell the vehicle, or as long as you own the car, no matter how long that is. Ask others if they'll offer that confidence in their work, we've looked and can't find anyone. Anywhere.

Errr, that's it.

Note: We are often asked to cut corners on repairs, with comments like "I'm not worried about it looking perfect, as long as it looks better" or "I don't mind if the colour doesn't match perfectly, I can't afford for you to 'blend' the new paint across the next panel". It may sound harsh but we just don't take those jobs on, we get it right or we don't do it. Why? because although you may be happy that your repaired back door and the original front door are slightly different colours, but someone else will notice it and if they know the work was done at Scuffbusters they're likely to think that's our work quality. We work massively hard to maintain the great reputation we have for top quality work and aren't about to throw that away.

Our staff are highly trained technicians, with many years traditional bodyshop experience. We use the latest tools, materials and techniques to obtain results that withstand scrutiny by anyone. If anything 'goes wrong' with your repair at some point in the future, bring it back to us and we'll sort it out. No timescale limit, as long as the car is in the same ownership and you can produce a copy of our bill as confirmation, there will be no questions asked. We can count the number of instances this has happened on one hand. With fingers to spare.

So, with this quality & satisfaction guarantee, plus our Price Guarantee, Super Fast Turnaround and Free Courtesy Cars why wouldn't you use us?

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